NOLA Psychics

NOLA Psychics has been our specialty since 1989. Our elite group of psychics, who are exclusively represented by Judith Faye Entertainment, are committed to presenting a professional image of psychic entertainment while adding a light-hearted flair to your events. Our psychic package includes interactive psychic entertainment and games, unique mystical attire, and detailed coordinated table decor. Ask about our strolling psychic entertainment for one-on-one and group interaction!

“Judith’s talented and warm team of psychics are an entertainment hit at our events and parties. I’ve always been very satisfied with their professionalism.” —Lisa Sins, Director of Sales and Marketing, Arnaud’s Restaurant

Tabletop psychic readings usually last five minutes per guest and sometimes more. This extremely popular entertainment option not only delights guests but typically has partygoers eagerly anticipating getting in on the fun.

Our strolling psychics offer Fast Fortunes & Ice Breaker Games providing fun conversation starters as they wander throughout the party. They draw clusters of guests around them to enjoy the fun and last thirty seconds to one minute each.

For a more detailed explanation of the psychic games and offerings please see the, “Psychic Menu”.

  • TAROT CARDS: In life you have to play the hand you are dealt, so choose wisely! These mysterious cards hold the key to what awaits in your future.
  • PALMISTRY: The lines in your palm are like a roadmap connecting your past, present and future. So, “talk to the hand” and learn to navigate your life with ease avoiding potholes along the way.
  • BONES TELL ALL: “I can feel it in my bones!” takes on new meaning when it’s said by your psychic during this entertaining primitive experience. Guests are invited to ‘roll the bones’ to get answers about life, love and the future. (Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this game. Unlike our ancestors, we use only resin bones.)
  • RUNESTONES: Pave your future with success, luck and joy! These stones are marked with 24 alphabet symbols that when interpreted properly spell out the answers to your most heartfelt questions. Want to know if you are going to get that big promotion of if your favorite sitcom will be renewed for another season? Ask the runestones!
  • CRYSTAL BALL GAZING: Now your foresight can be 20/20! Let our talented psychics gaze into your future and describe the images that appear. Will your future love interest be a striking brunette, a fiery redhead or a blonde bombshell? The image is starting to come into focus now…
  • GYPSY CHARM FORTUNES: Close your eyes and place your hand in the gypsy’s bowl of charms. There’s an object in there that’s meant just for you. Will you choose an art object? Perhaps a rune? Or maybe it’s a crystal that draws you in with it’s mystical magnetic force. Whatever you choose will guide your life’s journey, so choose well and pass the bowl for a second helping!
  • ANGEL MESSAGES: Heaven knows. And all you have to do is ask! Angel Cards offer messages for inspirational guidance and support. You’ll feel like you’re on Cloud Nine after this reading. (Especially if we book a harpist to play in the background!)
  • FAST FORTUNES & ICE BREAKER GAMES: Psychic strolling games that leave a lasting impression even though they only take thirty seconds to a minute to play. You may choose from Astrology Dice, Astrology Wheel of Fortune or Ribbon Fortunes. (Tarot and Palmistry can also be modified to be a strolling game.)
  • ASTROLOGY DICE: You don’t have to be at the casino to roll the dice and win. In this strolling game, guests throw dice with special astrological signs and symbols that shed light on current experiences and answer questions about the future. So get ready to have some fun—Shake, Rattle and Roll!
  • ASTROLOGY WHEEL OF FORTUNE: This is one time you’ll be thrilled to be asked, “What’s your sign?” at a party! A simple spin of the wheel reveals everything you ever wanted to know about your astrological sign, including compatibility (or incompatibility) with other signs. But be forewarned, The Astrology Wheel of Fortune has a way of attracting a crowd. There is a strong likelihood that your friends will quickly gather around to join in on this light-hearted “roast”.
  • RIBBON FORTUNES: While you’re painting the town red, a girl with a basket full of multi-colored ribbons approaches and says,“Choose a color for your future!” The color you choose and the message that goes with it is always great for a laugh and provides a fun conversation starter for partygoers throughout the evening.

The NOLA Psychic Experience

It’s a half hour before the event begins and the NOLA Psychic Coordinator arrives right on time eager to begin setting up for the event this evening. After saying hello to you and introducing you to her team, she gets to work setting up the table decor and instructing the jazz trio band where they will be stationed for the evening. This evening’s theme is Mardi Gras; so purple, green and gold lamé will be shimmering on the tables along with authentic Mardi Gras masks and elaborately framed signs denoting each table’s psychic game. The psychics are wearing coordinated mystical attire and the masked ballerina mime is warming up in the corner ready to dance throughout the crowd handing out Mardi Gras beads to elated partygoers.

“Judith’s entertainers were a smashing hit at our last event. Guests raved about the fun evening!” — D. Ryall, Director of Catering, New Orleans Country Club

The jazz band begins to play and the first guests eagerly enter the ballroom making a beeline for the psychics’ tables. You watch from a distance as the Tarot cards turn over one by one and it is of no surprise that fun is predicted for your guest’s future. But knowing about her upcoming vacation in Tahiti—now that’s impressive!

“NOLA Psychics is delighted to be able to share our psychic abilities with others. We consider entertaining you and your guests a privilege.” —Judith Faye, Founder of NOLA Psychics

Your guests are tickled with their personal psychic readings and you can’t wait for more of them to experience the magic for themselves. The strolling psychics are working the crowd with their Fast Fortunes & Ice Breakers, leaving a trail of laughter everywhere they go. People are dancing and mingling all while comparing their light-hearted fortunes. It’s going to be a great event!